Covid 19 Guidelines

Due to the new government guidelines around close contact services including hairdressing announced on June 23rd 2020, I have listed below the guidelines that both myself and clients need to follow to keep us and our families safe. 

1.       PPE - When entering your home I will be wearing a mask and I would ask that you do too. Once I have fitted my visor for up close work, I will advise you when to safely remove your mask. 

          a.       If I am working with more than 1 member of your household, please can the others remain in a different room until I am ready to work with them (they will not need a mask until coming into the room with me). 

          b.       I will provide each household with a new disposable hairdressing gown. I will wear a new disposable apron on each of my visits and all of my equipment including my visor will be disinfected with Barbacide at the end of each appointment. 

2.       On entering your home I will look firstly to wash my hands, I will bring my own soap. 

3.       Where possible please clean any areas I will be working in, including the sink. I will happily wipe around when I have finished with my own anti-bacterial wipes. 

4.       Should I need to use your toilet I will again clean after use. 

5.       If you are having a haircut that requires wet hair, please wash this yourself before I arrive. 

6.       For colours, I would prefer you wash your own hair (but can help if needed) please provide your own towels and shampoo. 

7.       All payments must be paid via bank transfer or I can arrange a secure card payment through Barclays Pingit. Bank details available upon request.

8.   If you or any of your household have any symptoms or need to isolate, please advise me asap so I can rearrange your appointment at no charge. 

9.   Should you be contacted by the “test and trace” service and I have recently been in your home, please let me know asap.  

       a.       Please be aware if I am contacted I will inform the affected clients and isolate for 14 days. If your appointment falls during this period I will rearrange the appointment at your earliest convenience. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.